The Forgotten Coast Classic Calendar has been a huge success in the past to raise funds for the women of Franklin County, and we are very excited about our 2017 edition. We have printed 2,500 copies that are available for purchase at local businesses and online.

2017 Calendar Girls

January  Shelly Shephard, Courtney Amison & Carrie Jones
February  Tana Kendrick
March  Allison Griffith
April  Sam Fortunas
May  Heather Rash
June  Ladonna Ingram
July  Christina Pateritsas
August  Cassie Gary
September  Jessica Davis
October  Samantha Elliott & Miranda Elliott
November  Sandy Dixon & Kara Landis
December  Amy Price, Kim Wren & Megan Lamb


Erica Renae Portraiture
Bay Media Services
Solo Printing

Franklin Needs would like to extend a special thanks to Erica Sapp Turner, Cindy Clark, Dana Jackson, Heather Rash, Ray Family and Marty Wagner, St. George Island Volunteer Fire Department and Lynn Wilson Spohrer.


Franklin Needs is a non-profit and 100% of funds donated go back into the community providing under and uninsured Franklin County, Florida residents mammograms.